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Wild Strawberries

Visit the Ingmar Bergman Foundation to see more about his works: …Besides, behind-the-scenes footage relating to eighteen of his films have been donated to the archive, including The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries and Scenes from a Marriage.Read more


One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre: 1 lx = 1 lm/m2 = 1 cd•sr•m–2. Illuminance Example Illuminance Example 10−4 lux Total starlight, overcast sky[2] 0.002 lux Moonless clear night sky with airglow[2] 0.01 lux Quarter moon 0.27 lux Full moon on a clear night[2][3] 1 lux Full moon overhead at tropicalRead more

14th annual Great Backyard Bird Count

Get ready to have some fun, count some birds and make a difference, because the 14th annual Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) takes place February 18 through February 21. Anyone can participate. Simply watch and count birds in your yard, a nearby park, or maybe at a school. Then report what you saw by enteringRead more


Here’s a way to share some books on your reading list. Chapter 1-2:  Slow Children At Play (pdf) Draft: Slow Children At Play – ABC’s (word doc) See what’s new: view and download the story collection “Slow Children At Play”.Read more

Haiti – 7.0 Quake

From Visitation Clinic (Haiti) – 1/13/10 –  I know you have been following the news.  Our phones and emails haven’t stopped.  I wanted to let you know what I know so far.  The Matthew 25 Guest House in Port-au-Prince survived the quake.  Sister Mary, Vivian and Patrick were up until 2 a.m. treating injured andRead more

Instant Publishing is a subsidiary of Fundcraft Publishing Company, a book publisher for over 75 years, and one of the most economical names in Fundraising cookbooks. All book printing is done in house in the Collierville, TN production facility which is well located for the favorable shipping times and rates.Read more


I read that a writer writes because it is something that cannot be not done. It’s a compulsion. Does that go for painting, thinking, experimenting, loving, living? What does a survivor do? And how or is it learned – by experience?Read more

Photos and writing online

Can’t get rich but may find sites for your work. Every bit helps when you need a pick me up. After a search, I visited a couple of places that solicited material. If you have had success in placing material online, please leave a comment. For now try these: Avanti and HomeDesk.Read more

Beach Archaeologist

Recently, Annie visited the beach. She was perfectly at ease exploring the beach and its creatures. At home, she likes to dig for worms and insects and put together puzzles, so maybe she’s in training to be an archaeologist. Plenty of time for that formal training later. Presently, it’s great to observe her fun asRead more